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A wood floor experiences a lot of traffic and takes a lot of abuse, so it's important to protect the surface with a strong finish. If you want to preserve the natural wood grain appearance while still providing a protective barrier, you can apply a clear coat or polyurethane finish, available in water, oil and 2 pak options, that preserves the natural color of the wood. At floor polishing Brisbane we are experts at polishing wooden floors, timber floor polishing andrecoating timber floors.

Water Based finishes

Available in a satin or matt finish. The benefits of water based floor finishes are environmentally friendly, faster drying and non-yellowing.

Bona water based finishes come in a 2 pak system and are the best in water based finishes. Water based coating come in silky satin finish. Bona launched its first range of waterborne floor finishes in 1979. Bona is now regarded as the world leader in non-toxic waterborne floor finishes. Bona waterborne finishes meet the strictest world standards for VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) with a solvent content of less than 10%. In addition to being safer to use, Bona finishes have proven performance in more than 70 countries with wear resistance comparable with the best solvent-based finishes.

Polyurethane finishes

Single pak polyurethane floor finishes are available in high gloss, satin and matt finish. The benefits of this floor coating is higher flexibility and high wear resistance. It aslo offers some resistance to mild alkalais, acids, oil and most solvents, including alcohol and water.

Wattyl Estapol Flooring Moisture Cure Polyurethane is an extremely tough, durable, flexible and hard-wearing high gloss clear finish in a one pack system. This low maintenance product is highly durable and has long term high gloss retention. Use on timber, parquetry, cork, particle board and concrete flooring. Also suitable for timber furniture, skirting boards, doors, halls, bar tops and other areas subject to spillage.

2 Pak Floor Finishes

2 pak floor finishes are available in high gloss finish. The benefits of this coating include extremely high wear resistance and good resistance to acids, alkalais oils and solvents including water and alcohol.

Wattyl Estapol Flooring 7008 is an exceptionally hard and durable clear coating ideally suited for interior timber surfaces where extreme resistance is required. Use on interior timber floors, panelling, architraves, bench tops, doors and built-in furniture.

Note: All timber floors contain a percentage of waxes and oils. These may be present naturally in the timber as oily resins, or wax can be present in treatments given to the surface as part of the regular maintenance. These waxes can penetrate the timber to below the re-sand level, causing a lack of adhesion between subsequent top-coats; in extreme cases, peeling can occur.

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A lustrous polished wooden floor won't stay that way for long unless it is looked after. Maintaining that luster is less troublesome than the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of carpets and most other floor coverings. Your hardwood floor does cope with high traffic usage, does not wear unevenly and is cheap to maintain. If can be re-polished if damaged and requires minimal maintenance if looked after.


Dirt and grit is a timber floor's worst enemy! It doesn't just hide the gleam of polished floorboards; its abrasiveness actually harms floorboards too. Use dirt-trapping mats at each entrance to help prevent sand, dust and grit from being trodden getting inside. Small rugs, or carpet squares just inside the door can also help to remove extra dirt from shoes. Dust daily, if possible, with an electrostatic broom.

Strong light, particularly direct sunlight can cause a chemical reaction in wood causing it to change color (aging or weathering). Move rugs occasionally and use curtains or blinds to protect the floor from direct sunlight.

High heel shoes, especially worn ones, will dent any hard floor surface, even concrete! Encourage your visitors to take off their high heels on arrival.

With furniture, it is not so much their weight but movement that damages floorboards. Fit protective pads to the legs of tables and chairs so that they can be moved easily without the risk of scuffing the floor.

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